iSelect / 2019-2020
New State


iSelect is a comparison website that has operated successfully in the insurance and utilities markets for the last 15 years. While the current website is positioned as a lead engine, today’s customers are less likely than before to provide their details and/or answer unprompted calls.

So, there is an urge for iSelect to redefine how it operates with customers, taking it from a transactional business to one that has an on-going relationship with customers.

Redesigning and building on a new stack is one of the initiatives to support the digital transformation iSelect is currently going through.

The project is currently in progress

Here are some snapshots of the work-in-progress that illustrate some activities that have been run as part of the project.


/ Vision and strategy
/ User research & analysis
/ Workshop facilitation
/ Wireframes
/ Prototyping (Advanced)
/ High fidelity designs
/ Usability Testing


A similar framework has been used across all iSelect products to standardize findings and list users’ needs. These include: one-to-one interviews (from which a customer journey map is built), competitor analysis through remote usability tests, call-center interviews, and double-jacking calls with customers.


Regular “vision” workshops are held to keep the team and the stakeholders aligned.
The main concepts are illustrated in small videos starring some of iSelect’s key personas.

Ideation sessions are often run with stakeholders from various teams such as Commercial, Legal & Compliance, and Engineering to get insights from key services along the journey.

Prototype. Test. Learn.

Using a design thinking approach, prototypes are created and tested on a fortnightly basis using various techniques (1-to-1, remote moderated &  unmoderated testing using the iSelect brand or using an unknown brand, surveys).


We have designed and tested common UX patterns that are to be used across iSelect New. These patterns had flexibility built in to cover a wide range of customer requirements for each product type while creating high-level consistency across the product suite.