iSelect / 2019 -2020
Customer Account


iSelect is a comparison website that has operated successfully in the insurance and utilities markets for the last 15 years. While the current website is positioned as a lead engine, acquisition cost for a lead is raising years after years.

So there is an urge for iSelect to redefine how it operates with customers, taking iSelect from a transactional business to one that has an on-going relationship with customers.

Building a Customer Account is one of the initiatives to support the digital transformation iSelect is currently going through.

The project is currently in progress

Here are some snapshots of the work-in-progress that illustrate some activities that have been run as part of the project.


/ Vision and strategy
/ User research & analysis
/ Workshop facilitation
/ Wireframes
/ Prototyping (Advanced)
/ High Fidelity Designs
/ Usability Testing

Concepts and co-design with end-users

Sessions have been held with iSelect customers to co-design a service aligned with the iSelect vision and to get feedback on early-stage concepts (using sketches or paper prototypes)


A lean UX methodology has been applied to this project. The core objective is to focus on obtaining feedback as early as possible to make quick decisions and validate a Minimal Desirable Product to launch as early as possible.

Fortnightly testing sessions were held using various research techniques (one-to-one interviews or usability tests, surveys, contextual surveys, remote usability tests.

Optimize how iSelect delivers the user experience

Some of the key deliverables include:
/ Service blueprints to give a comprehensive understanding of the different services and underlying resources and processes — seen and unseen to the user — that make it possible.
/ Interactive flow linked to the final UIs to hand over and optimize the process with the delivery team.