iSelect / 2018
About my process

Each project is different. I always look carefully when choosing the process to apply for a project and make sure I understand the needs of the key stakeholders and the context of the project.

Here is an example of a methodology I recently applied to a project as well as its key results.


Re-design ‘Health Experience’ due to regulatory changes.


The health industries underwent significant changes necessitated by the government regulations introduced in February 2019.

In order to support these changes, significant updates were required to the iSelect Health Experience.​


iSelect was about to start building a ‘Future State’ experience.

The time window available to implement the regulatory changes was not enough to consider building a whole-new experience.

Consequently, the approach was to build an experience that will meet the regulatory changes in the Current State while implementing New State principles in order to test some of the Future State experience assumptions.


/ Workshop facilitation
/ User research & analysis
/ Wireframes
/ Prototyping
/ Usability Testing


Two months for research, concept & design.

Get the vision right

Design Sprint: five days to define the ‘target state’. What would we like to see built into the ‘future state’ architecture for FY20 delivery?

12 team members from commercial, Legal & Compliance, Product and Engineering work together within a ‘Design Sprint’ framework.

We focused this Design Sprint to create a better searching experience, starting with customers’ needs to match intent and find the right product for the customer whilst saving time, money, and effort (iSelect Value Proposition).

Following this workshop, we had a pretty clear idea of where iSelect, as a group, wanted to head.

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Further research

In parallel we set out to learn more about how iSelect could really help Australians on their journey of taking out or switching health insurance by creating a customer journey map.

The data were collected from 15 interviews with people who had recently researched or were in the process of buying health insurance. Of the interviews, we conducted seven at home to remind participants of the tools and steps they used during the process. We held the remaining eight interviews on the phone to broaden the feedback to include people in states other than Victoria and those from regional locations.

From this map, we highlighted some opportunities to focus on.


We held ideation sessions to re-visit the customer map and explore opportunities identified from the research through key success metrics.

Once the direction and the first sketch draft were agreed with the product team, I designed the solution including:

/ Mid fidelity wireframes in interactive prototyping using Axure to get early insights from users though usability testing (2 sessions; 6 participants per session; 30 min per participant)
/ Design critique sessions with stakeholders

Visual design was then finalized in collaboration with the in-house visual designer



Getting all stakeholders on board from the very beginning of the project was successful and avoided friction, frustration, and delay in the approval.

39% ☝️

39% increase in users starting an order from the results page.

50% ☝️

50% increase in health plans purchased online.

New State Principles

Confirming some of the design principles of the iSelect New State Experience.